The curtain

The curtain
The 3 trans-atlantic continents portrayed symbolically
Trailer for "3 Innocents and a spirit"
January 14th, 2014 our first performance of the expanded version of our historical mime at the N a Sonje Foundation center for a group of US university students from the University of Maryland hosted through Mennonite Central Committee, experiencing our first day language, cultural and historical presentation, "3 Innocents and a spirit".
 Contemplating on the large cross "planted" by Christopher Columbus on his first trip
 The "pirate" thinking about the demise of the Natives and the possible advantages of the Africans!
 Hearing the drums in the distance puts fear in the heart of the colonialist while packing their shipload of pillaged cargo.
 Surveying the motivations and material exploits of history
 In crisis between the exploits of history and a rising consciousness about the resulting destruction.
 2 "innocents" return to their roots and find their cultural heritage through the memory of the spilled blood over the centuries.
 3rd "innocent" struggling with the truth of the blood and the mask of domination that covers their humanity.
The Native preparing the incense for the peace ceremony.
 The Native princesses looking in anticipation of reconciliation and reparations
The visitor (participant in the first and last scenes, chosen from the audience of each performance) celebrates the act of reparations as all look on for the climax of this intense moment involving the histories of the 3 continents.
The N a Sonje Foundation has expanded it's original play "3 Innocents and a spirit" to now include the team of young local adults that work together with N a Sonje at the Foundation's center where we host foreign groups who want to learn language, culture and history of the country they have come to visit Ayiti!